Gun Turret - 360 degree rotating armored gun turret. 
 $6350 installed

Air Conditioning - Complete cab air conditioning and heat system. 
 $7500 installed

Security Camera - Camera system with 3 cameras and 1 display. 
 $1867 installed

Extra Bucket Seat - Off road suspension bucket seat with 4 point seat belt.
 $860 installed

2 Person Bench Seat - Off road 48 inch bench seat with 4 point seat belts. 
 $1407 installed

Recovery Winch - 18,000 lb electric WARN winch mounted behind the huge front bumper.  
 $4110 installed


3 Person Bench Seat - Off road 48 inch bench seat with 4 point seat belts 
 $1527 installed


Fuel Siphon System - Easy to operate 24 gallon per minute fuel siphon system. Just drop the siphon hose into a fuel tank, turn on the air operated siphon pump, and pump fuel directly into the MAB's fuel tank. 

 $1585 installed

Exterior Lighting Package - (1) 50" LED light bar mounted on the top front, (2) LED square lights mounted recessed in the front bumper, (1) LED light mounted on each side, and (2) LED square lights mounted recessed in the rear bumper. All the lights have their own separate switch. (2) LED hi powered flash lights mounted inside the cab. 

 $3250 installed

Interior Package - Adds full fiberglass insulation and interior steel paneling. Not only will this make the interior look better it adds more comfort and will be more bullet resistant. When we do the paneling we also add a overhead console and install a CD player and CB radio all with in the drivers reach. 

MAB 1 $5000 installed
MAB 2 $9950 installed 

Fabricated Hood - Completely fabricated hood made entirely out of AR500 steel. This option completely protects the engine and front cab area. Includes armor plating around cowl and firewall area. Do to the weight of the hood we install an electric hydraulic lift to open and close the hood and install a safety for safe engine servicing. 
$12,000 installed


Option List