MAB 1 (Mobile Assault Bunker Level 1) 






   MAB1 Prices start at $75,000


Standard feature list

Armor plating - We use 1/4" bullet proof AR500 steel to armor the entire cab area, roof, floor and grill. We have shot a single plate we use with an AR-15 (.223) and an AR-10 (.308) over 200 times and nothing penetrated. 

Bulletproof windows - All windows are 2 inch thick level 5 bullet resistant glass and will stand up to 3-shots: 7.62 NATO, 30 CAL. M-1, 30-06 AK47(7.62X39) and lesser threats.

Fuel mileage - Averages 8 to 10 MPG!

Dimensions - 10 feet tall, 8 feet wide, 25 feet long, 24,000 lbs depending on options.

No CDL required - With correct vehicle licensing, you do not need any special license to operate this vehicle and insurance premiums are low. 

220 gallon diesel fuel tank - Made from bullet proof AR 500 steel giving this truck a max range of 2200 miles on a single tank. 

Tire inflation system - Features a push button control panel in the cab. Allows the tire pressure to be lowered and raised for driving on the highway, sand, and mud. Also keeps inflating the tires even if some one tries to shoot them out. All tires are new condition, bead locked, and 49" tall.

Water Fording - The snorkel for the engine air intake is above the cab allowing you to drive in as much as 10 feet of water. 

6 wheel drive - Allows you to drive through or over almost anything. 

EMP Proof - All mechanical engine and steel cab makes this vehicle EMP proof.

8.3L Cummins turbo charged diesel engine - We service and tune the engine for maximum power. Cummins engines are very reliable, easy to work on and maintain. Also there are repair shops all over the country that can work on these.

Automatic transmission - Allison 5 speed automatic makes this truck easy to drive. 

Power steering - Anyone is capable of driving one of these trucks.

2 speed transfer case - Low range for climbing steep hills or hauling heavy loads. 

Drop down sides on cargo bed - Allows for easy access to cargo in the bed.

Huge front bumper - Made out of 1/2" reinforced steel for ramming anything out of the way.  

Custom paint - Entire truck is cleaned, prepped and painted. 

Roof hatch - double door roof hatch for machine gun access or for escape. 

Secure cab locks - All doors and roof hatch have heavy duty locks to keep the zombies out. 

Off road seats - Comfortable suspension bucket seats with 4 point seat belts.