Last Stand Survival is part of a family owned and operated truck repair facility that prides itself in honest quality work. That trait has evolved from the belief that in America, hard work pays off. Our dedication to hard work has provided us with a skill set that is second to none. 
                  As Americans, we love our country and its freedom and we believe in our right to property and the pursuit of happiness while not infringing on others. We also believe in self-preservation which is the true meaning of freedom.
                  We recognize that in order to remain free, one must be prepared to survive on their own during an emergency or else be hauled off to a FEMA camp along with the rest of America that will rely on someone else to care and provide for them.
                  To secure our freedom during any type of emergency, whether it is a natural or man-made disaster, we looked for the best survival available. During this process we found the need for a vehicle that could safely transport our family no matter what the road conditions were. To satisfy that we put our skills to work and created the Mobile Assault Bunker or MAB, a unique one of a kind vehicle that should be part of your emergency survival plan.